Walter Scrivener’s Story

Walter’s story is as complete as I can get it just now.  I just need to add in the sources and his family tree.  I managed to find his service records for 1900 and for 1915.  The 1915 detail had been there all along in the Ancestry record I had added to his file – I hadn’t realised that there was more than one page! came up with his 1900 service record very quickly.  The handwriting is faded though, so some things remain a mystery.

Family Tree

At the end of each completed story I’ve added a family tree.  It’s not detailed but it should aid navigation through stories which include so many children, all with the same names!  Because these are stories about people in my family tree I’ve also added a dotted line showing how they link to me, but I’ve not added the names of any living relatives.

For anyone using, the full family tree is called Smiths and Shaws.  Anyone wanting a copy of it can get it there, or if you want I can forward you a gedcom file – just let me know.  Not everything in the Smiths and Shaws tree has been verified so if you spot any mistakes, let me know!

Walter Scrivener

Walter Scrivener was my Great Grandfather on my Dad’s side of the family, and I’ve started his story above.  Photos and more information to follow as I get it.  I’ve asterixed where sources need to be added.

Family Photos

I’ve added a page in for family photos, mostly for photos of unidentified relatives, or for people I haven’t started writing about yet.  I’m also going to start the stories of as many people as I can as it takes too long to try and focus on only one person at a time until their story is finished.  If any relatives have photos you would like me to include, just let me know.

Jane Little’s Story is Complete

Although there are a few bits and pieces still to add, in the main Jane Little’s story is finished, and can be accessed from the Little tab above.  I would like to have known her – I think she must have been a very strong woman to live with so much hardship for so long, and to then decide to move across to the US for a new life.

Jane Little moves to Glasgow

I’ve added a very short piece to Jane Little’s story, in the Little Family tab above.  It’s also the start of the mystery of what happened to her father.  He didn’t go with them to Glasgow, but I’ve not been able to trace what happened to him yet.  Anyway, Jane’s story moves to Glasgow, where she worked in the Cotton Factories.  It also brings her very close to where her future husband is living …

Happy Birthday Nana!

Eleanora and Albert Smith, Monmouth Street, May 1976

Eleanora and Albert Smith, Monmouth Street, May 1976

Today would have been the 100th birthday of my Nana – Eleanora Ann Smith (nee Scrivener).  I hope that wherever she is she’s enjoying a wee half pint or two with my Grandad!

I’ve started the Scrivener story above with the beginning of Nana’s story.


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